What Is The Keto Lifestyle

When approaching for the first time Ketogenic Diet, you might be confused with the Ketogenic Lifestyle. Although they are very similar, it is useful to know what is the Keto Lifestyle. You are going to learn here the little difference between Keto Diet and Keto Lifestyle.

What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

You should already know that the Ketogenic Diet is a diet that promotes Ketosis.

Ketosis is a metabolic state where you burn fat instead of carbs to get energy.


A ketogenic diet is a diet where you force your body to burn fat to produce energy.

Usually, the term “diet” has a connotation of “temporary.”

When you think, “I am doing a diet,” you normally associate this with a time limit.

For example, a diet can be of 1 week for cleans. It can be of a few weeks, for example, 12 weeks transformation challenge. 4 weeks of weight loss, and so forth.

In all these cases, there is a time limit.

We also usually associate a diet to a goal, an objective, as you saw from the previous examples.

These can be muscle growth, weight loss, and others.

Lastly, the Keto Diet has several advantages.

What Is The Keto Lifestyle?

You know Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis, but what is the Keto Lifestyle? We’ll get there in a moment.

We need to define the term Lifestyle first.

Lifestyle is the way an individual lives their life, including style, possessions, attitudes, and habits.

In the context of Fitness and Nutrition, we are more concerned about eating habits.

Hence, for example, the types of food, quantity, and frequency one eat.

We should also add that lifestyle is more intended as a long-term habit rather than temporary.

Knowing what Ketosis is and what is Lifestyle, we can put them together.

The Keto Lifestyle is a nutrition habit that keeps the body in a state of Ketosis.

While the Ketogenic Diet is more commonly a temporary nutrition regimen followed to achieve a specific goal.

The Keto Lifestyle is more the eating habit that one adheres to in order to benefit from the advantages of Ketosis.

Why Following A Keto Lifestyle?

Ketosis has many advantages, and some of these can be the reason behind someone deciding to have a Keto Lifestyle.

  • Body Fat Control, Ketosis is known because in this state, the primary fuel is fat, keeping the body fat percentage under control
  • More Constant Energy, one benefit of Ketosis is also releasing energy in a more constant way rather than with spike, resulting in more energy and mental clarity
  • Medical Conditions, some conditions might be treated or mitigated by Ketosis


While the Keto Diet is a short-term way to achieve a specific goal, the Keto Lifestyle is a long-term habit followed to benefit from the advantages of Ketosis.

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