What Can You Drink On A Keto Diet

Following a Keto Diet is hard. There are many restrictions in the food you can consume, but what about drinks? What can you drink on a Keto Diet? I would say it is as hard as the food and you need to follow the same principles. You are going to see here what you can drink and what it is best to avoid drinking on a Ketogenic Diet.

What Can You Drink On A Keto Diet

The first thing to do is to remember what is the main rule of a Ketogenic Diet: cut the carbs!

The Keto Diet works if you are able to start and maintain a state of Ketosis. In this state you are burning fat for energy. If you consume more carbs than the allowed daily quantity you will cause the stop of Ketosis and as a result, you will stop burning fat.

Most commercial and home made drinks contain sugars, so carbs and in many cases they should be avoided. But then, what can you drink on a Keto Diet? Below some of the most common drinks and our verdict. However, follow the general rules and you will stay in Ketosis. Keep your daily calorie intake under the maximum allowed and you will be fine.

Water On A Keto Diet

Yes! You can drink heaps of water on a keto diet. Water will help you in the first phases of Ketosis and can also help with some side effects like diarrhea and constipation. It contains no sugar and it can only bring benefits. Drink Water!

Milk On A Keto Diet

Better to avoid milk during a Ketogenic Diet. Although Milk has a good quantity of proteins and fat it also contains sugars. For this reason it is recommended to not have milk if you want to stay in Ketosis.

Coffee On A Keto Diet

Coffee is tricky. You can have coffee On a Keto Diet with the condition that you don’t mix it with milk and you don’t put sugar in it. Coffee has very low if not at all sugars if only made with water. If you really want to mix it with something try with full cream. Or like Italians do, with a few drops of some spirits.

Tea On A Keto Diet

Pretty much same as Coffee. Don’t put sugar or milk in it and you will be safe. Some lemon is allowed.

Juices On A Keto Diet

Fruit Juices unfortunately are not Keto Friendly. Most fruits have a high sugar content and must be consumed in limited amount. Chances are that one cup of juice will knock you out of Ketosis for hours due to the high sugary content.

Vegetable Juices can be consumed as long as they come from vegetables with low carbs content. For example carrots and tomatoes are contain sugars and would be better to avoid.

Smoothies/Frappe On A Keto Diet

Smoothies and Frappe are allowed only if there is no milk and if they come from food with a low carbs content. During a Ketogenic Diet we would suggest in general to avoid smoothies and frappes unless they are with Low Carbs Whey Proteins.

Energy Drinks On A Keto Diet

Energy drinks are a NO NO during a Keto Diet because of their high sugar content.

Soda On Keto Diet

Same as energy drinks, commercial drinks are full of sugars and must be avoided. However, some versions of these drinks are made with reduced or no sugar and might be allowed. In any case, we believe that these types of drinks should be avoided anyway if you are following a healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol On A Keto Diet

You can consume some alcohol on a Keto Diet, it just depends on what drink it is. Alcoholic drinks containing sugar are to be avoided, for example cocktails, beers and sweet wines. Other drinks have no sugar or only little quantities and can be consumed, for example spirits and dry sparkling wine.

Soups On A Keto Diet

Some soups are good and some soups are bad during a Keto Diet. The bad soups are the one made from food that contain a lot of carbs, like for example corns, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and beans. Soups with a low carbs content and good nutritional values can actually be beneficial on a Keto Diet, for example chicken or bones soup/stock. This kind of soup can help restoring minerals, sodium and water in the body especially in the first days of Ketosis and when suffering of Keto Flu.


There are some drinks you can drink on a Keto Diet and some that instead must be avoided. As a general rule you always need to avoid drinks that have a high sugar content and always prefer drinks with little to no sugar.

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