How To Test If The Body Is In Ketosis

How To Test If The Body Is In Ketosis

As you might have read in previous articles, Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body burns fat to get energy.

The Ketogenic Diet is one way to achieve Ketosis.

It is a diet where you cut the carbs and increase the fat intake in order to trigger Ketosis.

Since entering and staying in Ketosis is crucial to benefit from this state, it is important to have ways to check if the body is in Ketosis.

One of the key effects of being in Ketosis is the production of Ketones as part of the process.

It is easy to guess that measuring the level of Ketones in your body is a good way of knowing if Ketosis is “active”.

You might feel that you are in Ketosis due to some symptoms or signs however checking the level of Ketones is recommended.

Ok, so how do you measure Ketones? There are a few ways and you are going to see the main 3.

Breath Test For Ketosis

One of the Ketones (there are three) is known as Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB).

In the body, BHB is converted into acetate. This reaction produces a Ketone called acetone/acetate.

Research reveals that high levels of acetone in the body is closely associated with increased BHB.

Therefore, testing levels of acetone in the body is one way of testing Ketones.

To measure the amount of acetate in the body we can use breath analysers that can detect acetone.

How does it work

Breath meters are devices that can analyse your breath and detect specific concentrations of substances/chemicals.

There are portable and permanent versions. All you have to do is to blow into the device and it will show or print the result.


A breath test is easy to perform and does not require body fluids like urine and blood.


The breath test is not the most reliable way.

It is recommended to use in conjunction with some other test.

Also, a breath meter can be expensive.

Blood Test For Ketosis

The bloodstream is the main way to transport “goods” in our bodies.

Since the Ketones must be transported from the liver to other parts of the body in order to be used, you can check their presence in the blood.

How does it work

Similar to what happens with glucose tests, there are blood meters that can check the presence of substances in your blood.


This is the most accurate way to test for Ketosis.


Many people don’t like blood collection and blood tests.

This way can also be expensive

Urine Test For Ketosis

The last but but probably most popular way of testing for testing if your body is in Ketosis is a urine test.

If not used for energy, in fact, some Ketones are removed from the body through urines.

Detecting the presence of specific Ketones in the urine can tell you if you are in Ketosis or not.

How does it work

Urine test strips are very popular to test for a wide range of substances.

In the case of Ketosis test strips, these are available in common pharmacies and online.

What you need to do is to collect a sample of your urine and dip the strip into it.

The final part of the strip will assume a colour that will tell you the concentration of Ketones in just a few seconds.


Ketones test strips are the most popular way of testing for Ketosis because they are very cheap, quick and easy to use.

It is also a quite reliable way to test for Ketosis. And it can be done at home!


No everyone likes the idea of collecting their urine and test with strips. Still some range of inaccuracy.

The Level Of Ketones

Ketosis is not only a state that can be ON or OFF, it can also have several “degrees”.

The Ketones in your body can have a low or high level of concentration, usually measured in part per million (ppm).

It is also important to understand that very high levels of concentration of Ketones can have negative effects on your body and also cause medical conditions.

This is why it is very important when following a Ketogenic Diet, or Ketogenic Life Style, to regularly use one of the above tests, and check the concentration of Ketones.


Although you might notice signs of Ketosis you also now have some methods to test if the body is in Ketosis.

While the most popular is to execute a urine test you can also choose to have a breath or a blood test.

If you are following, or considering to follow, a Keto Diet, it is recommended to test if the body is in Ketosis at least once a week.

This will allow to monitor the concentration of Ketones and adjust the diet in case it is too high.

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