How To Lose Weight With The Keto Diet

The good thing when you are on a Ketogenic Diet is that you are burning fat for energy. So if your concern is how to lose weight with the Keto Diet, don’t worry. Do it correctly, and you will lose weight, especially weight coming from fat!

How To Lose Weight With The Keto Diet

Losing weight is one of the main reasons why people consider a Ketogenic Diet. You might want to lose weight for one of the following:

  • Medical Condition, caused or aggravated by obesity or overweight
  • Competition, because you are competing in some discipline that requires weight control or low body fat percentage
  • Just for the look, because a leaner body usually looks better in today’s society

Whatever is the reason, there are many ways of losing weight. There are countless diets, fitness plans, and products that can help with weight loss. Since we are all different, some solutions may be more suitable for someone than for someone else.

If you want to know the basic principles of how to lose weight with the Keto Diet, it is simply:

  • Activate Ketosis
  • Create a Calorie deficit

These two rules allow you to reshape your body. If done correctly, you will start burning your stored fat as fuel, leaving intact your muscles.

Activate Ketosis

Ketosis is a metabolic state where your body starts using ketones instead of glucose as fuel. Basically, the body starts using stored fat from nutrition, converting it into Ketones that are a source of energy.

Ketosis can be achieved following a specific macros ratio, 70% fat, 25% proteins, 5% carbs. In other words, you need to cut your total daily carbs intake and increase your fat intake. This will force your body into a state where the primary fuel is fat.

Create a Calorie Deficit

This is equally important as the first rule. To lose weight, you need to consume more calories than what you take in from food.

Everyone is burning calories to perform their activities and vital functions. We get the energy for these calories from the food we eat and our “storage” the fat.

Our body is designed to store energy as fat when there is a calories surplus, so when you eat more calories than what you consume. On the other side, the body uses the stored fat in case the calories intake is not sufficient to cover the calories coming from food, calories deficit.

Burning Stored Fat In Keto Diet

So what is the result of the two above combined?

During Ketosis, the body is optimized to burn fat to get the necessary energy. Whether the fat is from adipose tissue (body fat) or from food, this is the main source of energy.

A Calorie Deficit forces the body to seek energy in the body rather than from food because this is not sufficient.

The two together will force the body to burn body fat efficiently and lose weight, mainly in body fat. This is also why the Keto Diet is a good diet to decrease the body fat percentage.


Eating fewer calories than what is consumed during a state of Ketosis forces the body to burn body fat for energy. Burning fat is the ideal way of losing weight because the lean mass is left almost untouched. Body fat can also be a cause of medical conditions, and keeping it controlled brings many benefits. Get into Ketosis and eat fewer calories than what you consume if you want to lose weight.

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