Here are 6 Signs You Are In Ketosis

When you are in a Ketogenic Diet your body is using fat as fuel. This process is know as Ketosis. To be precise, you might reach Ketosis also not following a Keto Diet, but that is another story. When your body makes changes to the mathabolism you can notice some signs you are in Ketosis.

6 Signs That Suggest You Are In Ketosis

Once again, we define as Ketosis that process where your body burns fat to get energy.

Ketosis is a natural process triggered by an insufficient intake of Carbohydrates.

Who follows a Ketogenic Diet wants to start Ketosis and keep it as long as possible in order to benefit from the advantages of this metabolic state.

But how do you recognise the signs you are in Ketosis?

Some symptoms that you are in Ketosis may be at the very beginning of the process while others will be present as long as you are in Ketosis.

The main sign the your body is in a Ketosis state is the presence of Ketones.

We are not listing this indicator in the following because you can’t really identify it unless you do some test.

What you are going to see here are physical signs that you can feel or notice without any instrument.

Increased Urination

Changing the nutrition habits will cause some changes to your body.

In the case of a Ketogenic Diet, usually you cut carbs and salt.

Cutting carbs and salt will decrease the water retention in your body, causing then an increase in the urination.

This will happen especially in the first week or 2 of the diet and then it will re-balance, however, try to keep hydrated and don’t fall in an Electrolyte Imbalance.

Lose Weight

This signs is actually one of the goals for many people.

During the first week or two you will probably lose weight due to the loss of fluids.

Partly is water due to the sign mentioned above. Entering Ketosis, though, means that you are burning fat.

If you keep your calories intake controlled you will start burning that annoying stored fat that you might be wanting to get rid of.

The Ketogenic Diet is an ideal diet when it comes to reduction of the Body Fat Percentage.

Fruity Breath Or Bad Breath

This might not be so pleasant.

The production of Ketones as a result of the Ketosis process might affect your breath.

Some of the Ketones, in this case the acetone, is removed from the body through urine and breath.

Some people describe breath as fruity, some will say it is metallic and some does not notice it.

In any case, be aware that your breath when in Ketosis might not smell very good.


Fatigue is usually a short term symptoms experienced by people at the start of Ketosis.

Due to the adaptation to the new “fuel” you might experience some flu-like symptoms, from here the name of Keto Flu.

These symptoms might be fatigue, dizziness, mental fog, and some more.

They are usually limited to the the phase of transition and will resolve automatically after the body adapts.

Increased Energy

One of the good signs you are in Ketosis is increased energy!

After the fatigue usually this is what happens.

The body has adjusted its processes to the fuel and is now burning efficiently fat to get energy.

While with carbs the energy can have spikes up and down due to the irregular release of insulin, this is not the case with the Keto Diet.

Removing the carbs from the diet will avoid spike of insulin, resulting in a more constant and regular energy.

Bowel Irregularity

Yes this is not a fun one.

Changing nutrition habits has usually not a good effect on your bowel.

As you well know the Ketogenic Diet requires you cut the carbs, which usually contain fibres.

You will also need to increase your intake of fat and control the proteins.

These changes can cause confusion in your bowel.

Some people can experience constipation, some can experience diarrhea, and some might experience both.

These side effect are usually limited to the first phases of the diet, the body will then adjust to the changes.

In any case it is important to remember to eat enough fibres and drink enough water.


There are many signs you are in Ketosis.

These indicators, sometimes symptoms, are consequences of the changes in the nutritional habit and metabolism.

Ketosis will often result in the first period with increased urination, bowel irregularity, fatigue and Keto Flu.

After these are resolved and the body adapts you can experience an increased level of energy and weight loss, especially fat loss!

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