Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Keto Snacks

5 Keto Snacks You Should Be Eating

One of the popular questions that most people often ask when it comes to ketogenic diet is, “what kind of keto snacks can one eat?”. You see, most people are accustomed to snacking on  high carb, tasty (but fattening) cookies, chips and crackers before changing to a ketogenic diet. And as with making any change

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Losing Weight With Keto

Beginners Guide to Losing Weight With Keto

A keto or ketogenic diet is a low-carb eating routine, which transforms the body into a fat-burning system. It has potential advantages for weight loss, performance, and health, but also comes with some potential initial symptoms. A keto diet is the same as other rigid low-carb diets, such as Atkins diet and LCHF (i.e. low

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How Can Ketosis Help With Weight Loss?

Metabolic syndrome is now listed among the world’s biggest health concerns. Fortunately, with increasing consciousness among people about their lifestyle and health, many diets have emerged. However, the well-known “eat less, lose more weight” hardly works for people. In fact, dieters who lose weight this way gain it back, often with some extra pounds. So,

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Can You Eat a Ketogenic Diet While Pregnant

Can You Eat a Ketogenic Diet While Pregnant?

Ketosis is a state of metabolism that is completely safe for most adults. However, if you’re pregnant you may be wondering if ketosis and the keto diet can fit into this phase of your life. In particular, you’re probably wondering if it’s safe for you and your baby. PREGNANCY AND KETOSIS Interestingly enough, because most

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What is SpeedKeto, and How Can it Benefit You

What is SpeedKeto, and How Can it Benefit You?

What is SpeedKeto, and How Can it Benefit You? Many people are looking to jumpstart their Keto diet, but not everyone can handle the fast pace of a traditional Keto diet. So, if you’ve been thinking about trying out the speedy diet, you’ve come to the right place. What is SpeedKeto, and how can it

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How to stick to a diet

Q&A: How to stick to a diet

Q: Since the start of the New Year, I’ve been really good at sticking to my new healthy eating plan and exercise regime. But now, I’m being tempted by the cookie jar and skipping the gym, is there anything I can do to stay motivated to diet?  A: After all that over-indulgence during the festive period,

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What is Gluten Free Keto

What is Gluten Free Keto?

What is gluten free keto? The phrase refers to any food or beverage that does not contain gluten proteins. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye products. A person who is gluten intolerant avoids these foods. Substitutes for wheat products include almond flour bread and brown rice pasta. People who are gluten

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What is a Keto Fat Bomb

What is a Keto Fat Bomb?

A keto fat bomb is a delicious treat that’s easy to make and stores well in the fridge. These treats are made from a few key ingredients. Coconut oil, chia seeds, and sweetener are the most important ones. The rest is just a waste of time, so don’t worry if you don’t have any of

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