Can You Drink Alcohol On A Ketogenic Diet?

You like to drink, but you also would like to try that Keto Diet you heard about. Now you are confused because you don’t know if the two can go together and the “question” is there… “Can I drink alcohol on a Ketogenic Diet?”. The answer could susprise you!

Can You Drink Alcohol On A Ketogenic Diet?

You are a social person, or you like to drink, or both. Going out often “invites” you to have a drink or two but, can you drink alcohol on a Ketogenic Diet?

First of all let’s review once again the meaning of Keto Diet.

The Ketogenic Diet is a diet that promotes Ketosis, where Ketosis is a metabolic process that involves burning fat to produce energy.

Ketosis is a natural process that our body “enables” when there is not a sufficient carbs intake to satisfy the demand.

So the main requirement to stay in Ketosis is the lack of carbs. What does this have to do with Alcohol? We’ll get there…

So Ketogenic Diet aims to Ketosis, and Ketosis requires no Carbs.

Guess what, a lot of commercial alcohol and bottles contain carbs, but luckily not all.

So to reply to your question, during a Ketogenic Diet you can drink some types of alcohol and we are going to see which one.

What Alcohol On A Keto Diet?

As a general rule you can remember that, if it is sweet it is not good for Ketosis.

Sweetness means sugar and sugar will kick you out of Ketosis.

Considering this you need to avoid:

  • Sweet Wines
  • Beers
  • Cocktails with mixers

What you can have in moderation is:

  • Light Beers, they contain low carbs and the label will usually tell the nutritional values
  • Wine, preferring dry, unsweetened and unflavoured, which can contain 4-5 gr of carbs per glass (120 ml)
  • Spirits, like vodka, rum, gin, tequila, whiskey, these will have 0 carbs if unsweetened and unflavoured. Remember, no mixers!

Something to consider, even if alcohol does not have carbs is that alcohol has calories.

If your goal is to lose weight you are probably trying to create a calories deficit (burning more than your intake), if this is the case you need to remember to consider the calories coming from alcohol.

Alcohol also causes dehydration, and Ketosis itself decreases water retention, together they are not the best match.

Remember to keep hydrated and drink enough water.

Due to the changes in nutrition and metabolism you also need to know that people in Keto Diet can experience higher level of being drunk or faster than normal, and the hangover could be worse.


Since enough carbs will stop Ketosis and considering many drinks contain carbs, people on a Keto Diet need to be careful to what they drink.

While you can drink some types of alcoholic safely without affecting Ketosis, these are drinks with low or null carbs content. Other drinks instead are to be avoided if you are planning to stay in Ketosis.

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