Keto Friendly Vegetables

During a Keto Diet it is critical to maintain a state of Ketosis to benefit from it. What sometimes is not clear is that also some vegetables can knock you out of Ketosis if consumed in big quantities. In this article we want to list 9 Keto Friendly Vegetables that you can safely have without worrying too much.

9 Keto Friendly Vegetables You Should Eat

Ketosis is the state you need to be in order to burn fat for fuel. It is also the result you want in a Keto Diet. Ketosis is the result of cutting carbs, because without carbs the body has to switch to an alternative source of energy. If there is enough glucose (coming from carbs) available the body cannot start or maintain Ketosis, resulting in stopping the fat burning “machine”.

It is a common misconception that every vegetables is good, well, they generally are. Vegetables always have good nutrients and minerals, fibers, vitamins and so forth. When following a Keto Diet though, you need to limit or completely remove the high carbohydrates content vegetables.

The following that we are going to list are 9 Keto Friendly Vegetables that you can eat without worrying too much.


Rich of vitamins A, C and B-6. They have a good amount of fibers still limiting the carbs. Healthy way of cooking them is with steam.


Extremely low carbs and mostly dietary fiber. Crunchy as they are you can have them as snack or in a salad. Try them with some low carbs dip or creamy cheese.


Spinach is a a fantastic food. low fat and low carbs. Good dietary fibers content and also some proteins. They also contain Vitamin A, C, B-6, calcium, iron and magnesium. To keep intact the nutritional values it would be better to eat them raw but you can also cook in a pan, blanch, or steam.


Another good vegetable with fibers and proteins, similar content to spinach. Ideal way of cooking is steam them. Try to mix them with some mayonnaise and you will love them.


If you miss pasta you can try to make stripes out of zucchini and eat them as spaghetti. They are obviously Keto friendly. Good fibers and vitamins. You can boil or steam (better) them.


Not everyone likes mushrooms but they are for sure Keto Friendly. They contain fibers and also some proteins. You can steam or pan fry them or also eat them raw, although I prefer cooked.


Not the best smelling food when you cook it but it cointains good fibers, vitamins and some protein. Steam is probably the best way of cooking it, let it cool and mix with some vinegar, can give it a try.


Crunchy and tasty. Radish can be consumed raw, alone or mixed in a salad. With some dressing is even better. Good nutritional values with very low carbs.


A very fresh vegetable ideal in hot summer days. Cucumbers are low in carbs and contain plenty of water. Mix it in a salad or just slice and eat it with some dressing.


Being the Keto Diet restrictive in terms of macros and carbs you need to be careful in choosing what vegetables to eat. In this article you learned 9 Keto Friendly vegetables that you can surely eat on a Keto Diet. These vegetables have good nutritional values keeping very low the amount carbs they contain, so you won’t be kicked out of Ketosis.

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