Get Your Body Into Ketosis Fast

You learned about Ketosis and now you want to start burning that annoying fat. You are determined to achieve Ketosis and want to know how to speed up the process and get your body into Ketosis fast.

Just as a reminder,

Ketosis is that process where your body burns fat to get energy.

Ketogenesis is the main principle of the Ketogenic Diet and has several advantages.

Just to mention a few, Ketosis allows to keep the body fat percentage under control, gives a more constant energy and mitigates the effect of some diseases.

Entering this metabolism state following the normal process can take from a few days up to a few weeks.

Is there something that you can do to get your body into Ketosis fast? Yes there is!

The following rules can help you minimize the time.

All of the following are based on the same basic principle of Ketogenesis.

You need to force your body to switch from carbs to fat as primary fuel. Here is how.

Exercise More

Exercising will accelerate your metabolism and consume more calories.

Part of the glucose in your body is stored in the muscles and part is flowing in the bloodstream.

Exercising will force your body to consume more and use the glucose readily available.

Long story short, empty the storage!

Cut The Carbs To Get Into Ketosis Fast

Carbs are the primary source of glucose.

If don’t cut the carbs enough the body will not trigger Ketosis.

You need to make the effort of cutting the carbs to the maximum, especially in the first phase where you want to start the Ketosis for the first time.

You might encounter some Keto Flu symptoms but it is necessary to start this process. In other words, Cut the supply!

Increase Fat Intake

You can help your body in understanding that it has to use fat for energy.

You can do so increasing your fat intake.

There are different types of fat: good fat and bad fat.

In general it would be better to avoid fat coming from red meat.

On the opposite, it is suggested to increase the intake of food containing good fat, such as Avocado, Coconut Oil, Nuts, Fatty fish.

Good fat is transformed into Ketones more easily and in a clean way.

Limit Proteins

Proteins are a key macronutrients.

They are fundamentals for muscle growth and repair.

However, you also need to consider that an excessive amount of Proteins would result in the conversion of proteins into glucose.

To achieve Ketosis we want the glucose to be coming from fat hence this is not acceptable.

To enter Ketosis remember to limit your protein intake.

Additional Ways To Get Into Ketosis Fast

There are other ways that can help achieving Ketosis however we don’t value them as much as the methods listed above.

Some people may decide to try achieving Ketogenesis through fasting.

Fasting is another way of cutting the supplies of carbs however it might be more imbalanced and drastic for the body.

Another way is to assume Ketones supplements.

Ketones supplements will actually start telling the body that it can run on Ketosis, stimulating the process to start earlier than usual.

Once you start your plan to enter this state remember to test your Ketones levels.

Checking if you are in Ketosis or not is very useful to optimize the results.


If you want to get your body into ketosis fast you can follow some simple rules.

They might be simple to read but for the majority of people they are very difficult rules to execute.

Cut the carbs, eat more fat, limit the proteins and exercise more. These simple steps will put you in Ketosis.

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